vbScript and ASP
[1] Execute commands in ASP Execute() executes a command passed as a parameter. The cool thing is, you can create the command at run-time via string functions. This opens the door to all kinds of cool programming. E.g. if you read from a recordset

varID = fp_rs("ID")
varName = fp_rs("Name")
varOccupation = fp_rs("Occupation")

... with a dozen more commands to follow, you can streamline the whole .....
[2] Eval commands in ASP Eval() is a function that returns the current "meaning" of an expression in the code, at runtime. For example, if you pass it the name of a variable, it returns the value of that variable - if the variable exists. If not, it returns Empty.

Eval(1=2) returns false
Eval("test") returns "test"
Eval(test) returns Empty if there is no variable known named "test"; it returns the conten .....
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