Microsoft Project 2003
Microsoft Project 2003
[1] link OLE objects For data that needs to be updated, you should create a link between the Excel workbook/Word document and the Project document. When you use linked OLE objects, changes in the Excel workbook/Word document will be automatically updated in the Project document.

[2] embed OLE objects For data that is not expected to change,
you should copy the selected data in an Excel workbook or Word document and paste it into a Project task record to create an embedded OLE object. The embedded OLE object becomes part of the Project document and retains no connection with the Excel workbook/Word document.
[3] Update a linked object By default, Microsoft Office Project 2003 updates linked objects (object: In OLE, shared information, such as a chart, among different documents and different programs. The program used to create the object and the object type determines the programs that can be used to edit the object, as well as how it can be edited.) automatically. You can change this setting to control such updates manually. < .....
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